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A standard cyber security review provides an independent and in-depth assessment of your IT infrastructure. Our cyber security experts help businesses understand their current security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritise a roadmap for security controls that will help reduce risk.


There are many benefits to a cyber security review, having access to a cyber security report from one of our experts clearly shows vulnerabilities within your organisation, and the solutions to combat them. Below are just some of the other benefits of obtaining a cyber security review.

  • Your business gains an independent and expert view on your current maturity of the controls in place to address cyber threats.
  • Identifies priority areas that will improve overall cyber resilience.
  • Allows your organisation to be better equipped at limiting exposure to unpredictable cyber threats.
  • Benchmarks you against your peers – by sector and by size.
  • Board focused deliverables and supplementary detailed technical content.
  • Help create clear path towards cyber security accreditation.

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Wizard Cyber have been performing cyber security reviews for 25+ years and in that time we have refined our approach to provide a comprehensive and direct cyber security review.

Initial Process

An experienced cyber security consultant will perform a comprehensive audit of the cyber security measures implemented in the organisation.

The Audit

This audit will involve on-site visits and remote access where required. Interviews with senior managers may be conducted to adequately identify and validate the relationship between the people, process and technology controls being used.

The Report

A comprehensive written audit report will be delivered which documents the status of each security measure and indicates the level of cyber risk in the context of the vulnerability, threat and potential impact. The report will identify actions and recommendations that can be taken to minimise cyber risks.


We have the widest range of network devices, operating Systems (OS), databases and applications in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.


We support non-credentialed, remote scans, credentialed, local scans for deeper, granular analysis and offline auditing.


450+ templates available to measure against for compliance and configuration. (e.g., FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC, PCI, more) and configuration (e.g., CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGs) auditing.

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    Here are some questions we are often asked to help you decide

    What is a cyber security review?

    A cyber security review is designed to assess the key aspects of your IT security related infrastructure, processes and technical management capabilities, and balance these against the cyber threats that are most relevant to your business

    I am not a customer, can you help?

    Our Cyber Security Review is available for all existing and new customers as a one-off service. We always recommended a Cyber Security Review to all potential customers as it gives you and us an understanding of your current security posture.

    What will you find?

    The results always vary massively as all customers are unique and have different levels of current security in place. We find a typical SME will put all their focus and funding towards defensive measures such as firewalls and anti-virus but have little to no response capabilities.

    What does the Cyber Security Review include?

    A CSR is made up of a few different elements but the 3 key areas is an ‘interview’ process which involves speaking with someone in IT. There is also two vulnerability scans that are performed (inside & external). We also would require access to a standard build machine. Part of the assessment is performed onsite as well as a portion will be completed from our office.

    What does the report contain?

    The report will contain the results of both vulnerability scans, the results of our CIS control interview with your chosen IT contact as well as an overview score of your current security posture. We will also give you advice on how to improve your security posture.

    What happens after the report?

    The report will be securely sent to you and a call with your account manager will happen shortly after to talk through the key elements and what the next steps are to start improving your cyber security posture.

    If you have any further questions regarding Cyber Security Review, please contact us via email info@wizardcyber.com or 0333 311 0121 

    We also offer the following reviews Azure Cyber Security Review and Office 365 Cyber Security Review

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