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When an incident happens, your organisation needs the right processes, training, systems and support in place to quickly stop, contain, and control the damage. Doing so can make all the difference in ensuring business continuity, avoiding damages and regulatory scrutiny, and protecting your organisation reputation.

Your Challenge

Cyber incidents can lead to massive network downtime, damage or data breaches that can impact your organisation for days or months and sometimes cause you not to recover. It is important that you develop and plan for incident responses and develop playbooks and assemble a team for handling when incidents occur.

  • How do we detect an incident in a responsible time frame?
  • Do we have the tools and team to understand how and where the attack started?
  • Where should we start in developing an Incident Response plan

How we help

Wizard Cyber is equipped to help you to respond to attacks immediately and reduce the likelihood of security breach escalating and becoming a bigger problem to your organisation. Our emergency hotline is manned 24×7 by our security experts so you have direct access to our incident responders. Having a cybersecurity package from Wizard Cyber such as Managed Detection and Response or the Azure Sentinel SOC & SIEM will solve many of the problems of not being prepared.

Your business, our mission

Wizard cyber offer enterprise-grade, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to the SME market. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure certified experts, we are utilizing the Microsoft Azure Sentinel platform to achieve this and offer this to all customers in any industry of any size.

We have a team of talented cybersecurity professionals who have the very best value and ethos who are passionate, talented and strive to deliver our customers’ best service.

If you would like to discuss your cybersecurity concerns or hear more about how we can help kick start your cyber journey to becoming secure and resilient against cybersecurity breaches and attacks.

Alex Day

Business Development Executive
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Wizard Cyber is now an industry member of the UK Government Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

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