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Homeworking has become mandatory due to the Covid pandemic and we highly suspect that many organisations will be embracing this new way of working. Cybersecurity becomes ever so more important and having the correct processes and technology in place is paramount.

Your Challenge

If the employees working from home have not been provided with provisioned and managed devices including laptops, desktops, and tablets, they choose to opt for personal devices for work. This has its own problem when you don’t have BYOD management policies in place that can enforce some level of security restrictions.

There are other issues which include the home environment that they are working from may not be secure which normally includes an abundance of home and IoT devices. Some smaller organisations often put all their defences inside of the office and when users are outside this environment they are often left with little to no protection.

Questions you might be asking:

  • Do we have control of the devices that are connecting in?
  • Do we have visibility on the devices that are being used?
  • Do we have policies and controls in place?
  • Are the devices as secure as they can be?
  • Do we know what data is being accessed, how it’s being stored and accessed?

How we help

Wizard Cyber managed services solutions offer the same level of visibility, defence, protection and management no matter the location of the devices. Our Managed Detection and Response platform powered by Microsoft can assist with the entire Microsoft security stack which can replace over 40 vendors into a single vendor solution that has greater integration and offers far greater levels of protection, detection and response capabilities.

Your business, our mission

Wizard cyber offer enterprise-grade, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to the SME market. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure certified experts, we are utilizing the Microsoft Azure Sentinel platform to achieve this and offer this to all customers in any industry of any size.

We have a team of talented cybersecurity professionals who have the very best value and ethos who are passionate, talented and strive to deliver our customers’ best service.

If you would like to discuss your cybersecurity concerns or hear more about how we can help kick start your cyber journey to becoming secure and resilient against cybersecurity breaches and attacks.

Alex Day

Business Development Executive
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Wizard Cyber is now an industry member of the UK Government Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

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