Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Around-the-clock expert monitoring to defend against threats and stop attackers in their tracks

As environments sprawl and complexity mounts in the security space, many security teams are shifting from a prevention only mindset to a focus on early detection and accelerated response. The earlier attackers are detected in the attack chain, the greater chance security teams can eliminate threats before they become catastrophic. At the core of implementing such a strategy is tapping into the right level of visibility to capture actionable insights, without getting bogged down in more noise and unmanageable data.

Our focus is on advancing your current cybersecurity posture and maturity level in incident detection and response layers. Many organisations are solely focused on preventative measures which is correct because you would always rather prevent an attack from happening. What happens if you do not have the means to detect & respond and you are assuming you cannot be breached. Then you have already committed yourself to fail because you need the ability to detect and respond to an attack or when it occurs. The quicker you can detect, react and remediate to the threat the more you reduce the possible damage that can be caused.

We have a three-pronged approach at Wizard Cyber to achieving this which consists of people, technology and process.

What is endpoint security and EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response or EDR for short, collects, records, and stores large volumes of data from endpoint activities to provide security professionals with the comprehensive visibility they need to detect, investigate, and mitigate advanced cyber threats.

Traditional antivirus solutions, as well as other, more-pointed solutions, provide enterprises with preventative endpoint protection, which means they react to new files entering a system and, if deemed malicious, automatically stop them from running. Despite this, attackers are still able to penetrate endpoints. This is because they use innovative techniques that stealthily compromise systems without triggering these defences.

Endpoint detection and response, or EDR, solutions provide a different capability to the security stack. With EDR in place, security teams can continuously collect, record, and store endpoint data, providing them with surveillance-like visibility they can use to investigate a past incident or to proactively hunt for threats in their environment.

Endpoint Detection and Response

The Endpoint has evolved over time from traditional antivirus to EDR that we have now. The endpoint is vital for producing valuable information about what is happening on the asset. This visibility into endpoints is essential for creating a layered cyber defence in three key areas:

  • Providing insight into user and software activities on devices
  • Detecting threats that antivirus software misses
  • Helping monitor against advanced persistent threats (APT)

EDR is vital to our solution as it compliments NDR and SIEM to offer a fuller, more complete picture that we can use to defend cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments.


How does EDR fit in with CYBERSHIELD?

Endpoint Detection and Response is vital in the early detection of attacks on endpoints, but without a team of trained security experts to leverage the power of the latest EDR technology and proactively hunt for threats 24/7, then you organisations is unlikely to make any real improvements in threat detections and ultimately not improve your security posture.

Wizard Cybers managed Endpoint Detection and Response solution is already built into our CYBERSHIELD MDR offering and is part of our next generation SIEM solution. We can also take this a step further by introducing our NGAV & EDR agent which has all the extra benefits of Next Generation Anti Virus with EDR capabilities, new threat intelligence and greater visibility and depth in our threat hunting, forensics, investigations and endpoint isolation capabilities.

Key service benefits

Comprehensive Detection & Prevention

Comprehensive on- and offline prevention against signatures, reputation, and 110+ core behaviours used by attackers, including MITRE ATT&CK TIDs.

Accelerated Response to Attacks

Triage alerts by isolating endpoints & with secure shell into endpoints we can perform full investigations.

Keeping ahead of the latest Attack

We Stay up to date on all the latest threats and this intelligence is available for use by the endpoint agents as well as used for threat hunting by our SOC.

Reduce strain on in-house teams

Our SOC will analyse and prioritise all EDR alerts, remove false positive and work the genuine alarms and will communicate all the information and remedaition advice to quickly resolve the problem.

Why choose Wizard Cyber?

  • Enterprise Grade Solutions at affordable prices
  • An agnostic approach to technology
  • UK based SOC & 24/7 Monitoring
  • Quick & hassle-free engagement and onboarding
  • High quality Threat Intelligence
  • Full 3 pillar SOC Triad Solution (SIEM, NDR & EDR)

Included as part of our service



Our UK security operations (SOC) team is made up of certified consultants, penetration testers, ethical hackers, engineers, system analysts, incident responders, threat hunters & spotters. We have all the experience in house to assist on any security project.



We take an agnostic approach to technology and only use best of breed technology, enterprise-grade solutions. We spend considerable time & effort in reviewing all vendors and new technology to ensure we are using the best available at all time. We always make sure the solution is best tailored to your organisation and your needs.



CYBERSHIELD is our Managed Detection and Response platform and everything is built around our platform. We use CYBERSHIELD to process, investigation and track everything. We also use the platform to inform your organisation with actionable mitigation guidance which is needed to respond quickly and efficiently.



CYBERSHIELD MDR-ENDPOINT employs an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) application to record endpoint system-level behaviours and events. Using known indicators of compromise (IOC) and behaviour analytics techniques, the EDR software continually searches the data to identify early signs of attacks.


Cyber attacks have grown more advanced and traditional signature – based antivirus software is no longer effective. Today’s attackers use file less malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats. Our Next Generation Antivirus software continuously monitors the processes occurring on an endpoint device and blocks attacks before they compromise your system


Today’s cyber criminals launch highly targeted attacks to gain valid credentials and become ‘insiders’ within your network. Threat hunting is performed by our experts from our SOC and is the active pursuit of abnormal activity on servers and endpoints that may be signs of compromise. The common approach to intrusions is to respond after getting an alert. But by then, attackers could be inside your systems for months before you know it.


Our platform features industry-leading detection and response capabilities that reveal threat activity in real time, so we can respond to any type of attack as soon as it’s identified. We can visualise every stage of the attack to uncover root cause in minutes. Ability to isolate hosts, blacklist applications or terminate processes is just a few built in tools at our disposal.


We capture and store all unfiltered data from every endpoint so that we can analyse each event stream in context and uncover emerging attacks that others would miss. We analyse all endpoint activity against signatures, reputation, and 110+ core behaviours used by attackers.


Managed EDR Pricing

We offer our NGAV with EDR agent as part of our CYBERSHIELD service as an additional optional extra. We can also offer EDR as a standalone service outside of CYBERSHIELD MDR that you can later evolve into a full CYBERSHIELD MDR service.

Available from £265/ per month when purchased with our CYBERSHIELD Essentials, Elite or Elite Plus service.

Pricing includes NGAV & EDR Agent, Management & SOC Costs.

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