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Wizard Cyber CYBERSHIELD Services is an outsourced Security Operations Centre which is offered as a managed service and our aim is to provide businesses of any type and size with enterprise grade threat detection and incident response capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an in-house SOC.

We act as an extension of your IT team and we are not there to replace which allows your in-house/outsourced IT team to focus on support, infrastructure and projects and allow us to take full responsibility for your security. Wizard Cyber offers an outsourced Managed SOC Service for complete managed detection and response (MDR) service.

We are in a time when the question is when your organisation will be breached and no longer a case of if. Our managed SOC service combines machine learning, Artificial Intelligence with ongoing human input to surface attacks as soon as possible. Our Security Analysts and threat intelligence teams are continually building new behavioural detections as part of our threat hunting and incident investigation process. As soon as we discover a new attack technique a new detection is matched against your data within hours. These are not out of the box rules, these are finely tuned analytics that will evolve with the attackers.

Many organisations look to invest in their own in-house SOC but it is a huge slice of any organisations IT/Security budget and that’s even before you start to look at recruiting, training, licensing and running costs.



Regardless of an organization’s size or industry, it’s valuable to have a dedicated team whose job is to constantly monitor security operations and incidents and respond to any issues that may arise. Last year, more than 4 billion records were exposed to theft as cyber attackers hit organizations ranging from small firms to the international banking system.

To survive attacks, organizations must be aware of potential threats, detect incidents early and react quickly. The most effective way to coordinate your defences, security professionals say, is with a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

The different duties inside a cybersecurity group can be greatly perplexing, and a SOC can not only serve as the tactical console to empower team members in performing their day-to-day tasks, but also as a strategic centre to keep the team aware of bigger, longer-term security trends.

So what does this all mean, the simple fact is that eventually every organization is going to need a SOC, a team of intelligent professionals that can help secure your company, and its data, from an ever growing and changing threat. Cyber-attacks and inevitable and it’s not if, but when you get breached, don’t you want the best team available to help make that when as small as possible?


Cyber Threats continue to evolve and attacks are becoming more sophisticated and relying on perimeter security and defence only tactics are proving to sufficient. Its no longer enough to install anti virus and a firewall and assume you are now safe because you have no way of detecting a breach. All businesses must ensure they have the capability to actively hunt and eliminate threats before they cause serious damage. Setting up an in-house SOC is normally well outside of the normal IT budget and asking your in-house or outsourced IT team to assist is the normal method but its not recommended.


A managed SOC Service is a hassle free and cost-effective way of achieving a managed detection and response service. Wizard Cyber are not vendor specific and every security solution is tailored to the individual needs of the company. We have a team of fully trained analysts and consultants that are on hand 24/7, who are constantly reviewing your security posture and responding to alerts. We reduce the complexity in managing a vast range of security products, no training or retraining of staff is required and we are more far more cost effective then trying to setup and maintain your own SOC.

It takes a sophisticated combination of expertise, process, and organization to effectively run a security operations centre as part of an overall incident detection and response program. That’s why every organization may not be able to support or resource a SOC in-house. Instead, many opt to have their SOC managed by an outside agency or even completely outsourced.


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