User & Account Containment

We take immediate steps to contain threats

We save time and lower risk across your entire incident response lifecycle. When investigating threats in CYBERSHIELD, we not only get the critical context, but we can take immediate steps to contain a threat. With the included Agent, we can kill malicious processes or quarantine infected endpoints from the network. We also use CYBERSHIELD to take containment actions across Active Directory, Access Management, EDR, and firewall tools. Our SOC team has the power to directly contain threats on an endpoint, network, and user level.


Action on anomalous user behaviours

We detect stealthy malicious behaviours across the entire MITRE ATT&CK framework. Unlike tools that just focus on signatures on the endpoint, CYBERSHIELD comprehensively applies User Behavior Analytics to authentications across your environment. It includes your Active Directory, cloud services, VPN, endpoints, and IaaS. When we detect a compromised user account with CYBERSHIELD, we can directly de-provision the account.

Quarantine assets from the network

CYBERSHIELD uses both Attacker Behavior Analytics (ABA) and threat intelligence to detect known and unknown malware on the endpoint. Whenever we discover a malicious process, we can use the agent to remotely kill the process, as well as quarantine the asset from the network. Once we identify a compromised user account or endpoint in CYBERSHIELD, we can take direct action to contain the threat.

Detect the use of stolen credentials

CYBERSHIELD automatically correlates activity on your network to the users and entities behind them, making it easier to spot risky behaviour. By continuously baselining healthy user activity in your organization, CYBERSHIELD extends beyond defined indicators of compromise to reliably detect attackers masking as company employees.

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  • Full 3 pillar SOC Triad Solution (SIEM, NDR & EDR)

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