Small-Medium Enterprises are the fastest growing target

The reality today is small to medium enterprises are the most attractive target for cyber criminals for one simple reason which is they generally don’t have security in place to adequately defend and monitor their networks. These breaches are rapidly growing in frequency and everyone falls into one of two categories, those that have been breached and those that know a company or individual that has been breached.
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Less Secure

Small and Medium enterprises tend to have less security and processes in place which make them an easy target.
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Complex Networks

Simple on premise networks are no longer the case with mobile, cloud and remote workers.
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Pivot Point

Its easier to breach a smaller company with reduced defenses in place and then pivot to a larger target.

A solution for all industries

A solution that has been designed with the SME market in mind and because of the design we can offer enterprise grade solutions and services to the smaller market and while still offering an excellent service and high standards. We understand that each business face unique sets of challenges in protecting your business and what important. We simplify the complexity of cyber security so you can focus on managing your business.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry as diverse as it is remain in the top 5 industries sectors most at risk of cyber attacks. Forbes ranked the Financial Industry in 2016 as the 3rd most targeted industry. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever and cyber defense and strategy is becoming a board room discussion for preventative measures.
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Private Equity

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Hedge Funds

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Wealth Management

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Asset Management

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Stock Brokers

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The hospitality sector all take card payments in some way and some store personal information about customers as well as their own data and backed systems that are required to keep the business operating. Cyber security is ever more important as they not only need a solution that protects and monitors but also a solution that can aid in PCI Compliance and tick a lot of the boxes required to become PCI Compliant.


The legal sector is at great risk due to the vast amounts of personal information that is stored electronically on their systems. Legal firms collect and take samples of ID, Passports, Bank Details and other personal information and they are generally required by law to keep them for 5+ years and longer in some circumstances so its vital they have cyber security in place.
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The energy sector has seen a huge increase in the number of successful cyber attacks over the past year. The critical role that the energy sector plays in the functioning of a modern economy, with its increasing interconnection and digitisation, with the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, make the energy sector a highly attractive target for cyber-attacks.


The transportation industry is considered part of the critical infrastructure of a country and it is a privileged target for hackers. Systems used in the transportation industry are used to manage a large volume of data that could be stolen by cyber criminals. Giving a close look to the techniques adopted by attackers we note that denial of service attacks and malicious attachments and links accounted for over 44 percent of the attacks.
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Major attacks on the healthcare grew 63% 2016 and 93 major cyber attacks hit healthcare organisations this year, up from 57 in the previous year. The healthcare industry is plagued by a myriad of cyber security related issues and these range from malware that compromises the integrity of systems and privacy of patients to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that disrupt facilities.

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