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Penetration Testing Service

Penetration testing or “ethical hack” is that next step on from vulnerability testing where we evaluate an application or networks ability to withstand an attack. It is a manual process completed by a certified ethical hacker who will behave and perform an attack exactly like a cyber criminal.

What is penetration testing or “ethical hacking”?

A penetration test or “ethical hack” evaluates an application’s or network’s ability to withstand against a real attack. The idea of a penetration test is for your systems or applications to be tested in a real scenario and faults and vulnerabilities found before hackers and cyber criminals can because they will cause real damage.

A penetration test begins by receiving explicit written consent that our pen testers can attempt to breach your application or network using the exact same tools, knowledge and methodologies used by malicious cyber criminals and hackers.

This process will give you a very good insight into the vulnerabilities you didn’t know existed and things that won’t always show on a vulnerability scan because penetration testing goes far beyond just an automated scan and requires human intelligence and interaction to find these weak areas.

How does a penetration test differ from a vulnerability scan?

Vulnerability scans evaluates your system for potential vulnerabilities or weak configurations and its largely automated and can only ever produce part of the security related issues. Penetration testing is a manual process performed by a experienced consultant that uses the results of a Port and Vulnerability scan as a starting point before digging deeper and using other skills and tools to gain access .


Why you need a penetration test?

With the growing frequency and complexity of cyber attacks more companies are starting to invest in penetration testing.

The reality is you would rather perform a controlled attack where the parameters and information, weaknesses found are shared in a report that you can use to improve defense and detection rather than leaving it for the cyber criminals and hackers to find their way in.

A penetration test is a tiny cost compared to the damage caused by a cyber attack. It is estimated that a cyber attack costs a UK company £172,000 on average (Source)

  • Protect your company’s profits and reputation – by avoiding financial disaster and negative publicity associated with a compromise of your systems.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements – FCA, PCI DSS, HMG and ISO 27001 demand it.
  • Peace of mind – that your information systems are protected from cyber criminals, internal threats and malware.
  • Reassurance that your valuable data – is as secure as possible.
  • Protection against compliance breaches – and subsequent regulatory fines and potential law suits.
  • Evidence to support increased investments – in security personnel and technology.
  • Independent expert assurance – that your security controls are working as intended.

Penetration Testing Process

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    → We will work together to define the critical applications, systems and networks to be included.
    → Written Agreement detailing scope of works along with permission to perform penetration test.
    → Date and time frame to be agreed.

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    Penetration Testing

    → Consultant starts penetration test normally but running scans to discover the network and normally reveals the obvious vulnerabilities and targets
    → Enumeration continues and Vulnerabilities are highlighted.
    → Initial Exploit checks are Performed
    → We would normally highlight to the customer at this point about the vulnerabilities found and then we would continue with actively using exploits and various techniques to gain access.

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    → Notes taken during Penetration testing phase are then converted to a readable and structured report
    → Information regarding services, protocols and devices found are included
    → Vulnerabilities found and exploits used and the information around the success
    → Summary will include a overview of your security posture and how and if improvements can be made.

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    Post Analysis

    → We will work together to define the critical applications, systems and networks to be included.

Why Wizard Cyber for penetration testing?

It is essential you choose an experienced penetrating testing partner provider with real world knowledge and is aware of all the latest tools, exploits and vulnerabilities. Wizard Cyber are a trusted Cyber security partner to many organisations and penetration is a service that we are specialists.

  • Fully accredited – We hold a range of accreditation’s both at a corporate and individual level
  • Access to a dedicated Manager – We understand that there are a lot of questions or perhaps you have specific requirements so you will have direct access to a dedicated manager.
  • Bespoke penetration testing – We will develop a test that fits your business no matter the size.
  • Customer Satisfaction – All of our penetration testing clients are very happy with our service and attention to detail
  • Experienced Consultants – Our highly experienced security consultants are experienced testers appropriate individual accreditation’s.
  • Testing Tools – We don’t just use open source or commercial tool’s as we write our own using our internal software development team.
  • Communication – We simplify the security process and we will communicate critical issues and remediation recommendations clearly and jargon free.
  • Reporting – Our reports are clear, clean and easy to understand that gives you a breakdown of the results.
  • Proposals – Inclusive pricing, fully detailed scope of works and no unexpected costs.
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