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PROTECT - Cyber Security Protection

Most companies rely on their internal or outsourced IT Team to provide security upgrades and advice and often they do not specialize or have the time and funding to adequately monitor your business. Wizard Cyber work along side existing IT Teams when installing security related defenses such as Firewalls, Endpoint Protection, DDoS protection and much more.

During our assessment of your business we can identify the key areas and vulnerable areas and which risks can be mitigated and which to accept while strategically focusing protection on the most critical assets.

We have all the expertise at Wizard Cyber to install and manage a huge range of security technologies and services that can close any security hole. We can support full managed services as well as individual protection which is maintained and monitored by our UK based 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre to ensure your Cyber Protection and Detection is our primary focus.

Wizard Cyber receive threat intelligence information from all over the world that range from free and subscription based feeds, the government and from our own internal systems strategically dotted around the globe.

A solution for all industries

A solution that has been designed with the SME market in mind and because of the design we can offer enterprise grade solutions and services to the smaller market and while still offering an excellent service and high standards. We understand that each business face unique sets of challenges in protecting your business and what important. We simplify the complexity of cyber security so you can focus on managing your business.

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Over 80% of cyber attacks exploit ‘weak’ user name and passwords obtained by brute force or illegally on the Dark Web. Find out why multi-factor authentication is an essential security control for all users. #CyberSecurity #CYBERSHIELD @duosec

Reddit suffers credential stuffing attack revealing their poor practice with account setup. Users were able to access the site without initially setting a password. They are now supporting strong passwords and MFA. #CyberSecurity #CYBERSHIELD