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Endpoint protection is the most basic level of defense that every company should have? Most traditional Anti Viruses that are in today’s cyber world are no longer performing and most companies just continue to renew the same contract every year. Traditional Anti Virus catches less than half of noteworthy malicious events so its time to start considering a Next Generation solution (NGAV)

Antivirus in today’s cyber world is considered to be ineffective and archaic and many Information Security Professionals will share that same response. Antivirus has long been the most ubiquitous endpoint-security technology in the world. And, for a time, it was enough. Antivirus (AV) was able to stop “most” malware attacks.  As attacks evolved, antivirus remained stagnant. Breaches occurred. Data was stolen.

Today, signature and heuristic-based antivirus, the very kind that protected us for years, catches less than half of noteworthy malicious events. If a business is using traditional AV, it is essentially calling “heads” or “tails” on its data security.

Unsurprisingly many businesses are unhappy with those odds. Businesses around the world are turning its protection to next generation antivirus that is nearly 100% effective in stopping attacks.

Next Generation Anti Virus (NGAV) is the natural next step and much needed evolution of the traditional anti virus program. NGAV fundamentally works differently in its technical approach. NGAV takes a system-centric view of endpoint security, examining every process on every endpoint to algorithmically detect and block malicious tools, tactics and techniques (TTP’s) on which attackers rely.

NGAV solutions are very complex in how they work and Wizard Cyber are forever testing new vendors against modern threats in an isolated environment at our offices. If you wish to discuss NGAV further then please get in touch.



  • Centralized access, deployment and alert monitoring
  • Cloud based central console
  • Web Threat Shield
  • Identity & Privacy Shield
  • Intelligent Outbound Firewall
  • Powerful Heuristics
  • Offline Protection
  • Powerful Predictive Prevention
  • Continuous infection monitoring, journaling, and auto-remediation


  • Doesn’t rely on archaic DAT files
  • Artificial Intelligence built into the Software
  • Flexible Cloud based Management
  • Ability to remediate even if a threat manages to execute and cause some damage (all changes get reversed automatically)
  • Dwell time reporting gives you visibility into any infection on any endpoint within your network, showing you when the infection began and how long it was contained before being automatically remediated.
  • Intelligent system-monitoring and application-aware outbound firewall
  • Virtualization, Terminal Server & Citrix Support
  • Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Support

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