24/7 SOC




Intrusion Prevention Systems are key components to safeguarding your business from today’s most sophisticated threats and attacks. Wizard’s dedicated 24×7 managed security service guarantees the instant response required by high-performing IPS demands without it becoming a drain for your time and resources.

Intrusion Prevention Systems or IPS are one of the most crucial weapons in your security defense but this technology alone is not enough as you need expert consultants and engineers that truly understand the technology and can configure and react appropriately to mitigate threats on a 24×7 basis.

Wizard Cyber’s managed security service for IPS delivers the best of both worlds by enhancing security and protecting critical assets all the time while reducing costs.

We continuously update and maintain your IPS to keep pace with the latest threats and fine tune policies to your network to ensure peak performance and continuous up-time.


Features & Benefits


  • Improve IPS protection and threat remediation
  • 24×7 expert monitoring and alert resolution
  • Continuous IPS tuning to reduce “false positives”
  • Contextualise risk based on threat and asset information
  • Enhance security with analyst Threat Intelligence
  • Achieve a 25% reduction in operational costs by:
  • Outsourcing day to day IPS management and security
  • Re-focusing existing IT staff on other key projects
  • Avoiding the need to train IT staff for IPS management
  • Negating the need for new hires to provide 24/7 support or additional skills


By out-tasking the difficulty and drudgery of IPS management to our expert security analysts, you enhance protection, decrease the risk of breaches and increase visibility into security with detailed metrics and reporting. Better still if you combine this with our Managed Threat Detection solution we can pull logs into our SIEM and enhance the security, threat detection and reporting capabilities and also save on cost.

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