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Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches. Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats.

Our Managed Next Generation Firewall service is designed to help you reduce the time, cost and resources required to monitor and maintain firewall infrastructure day to day.

It’s no longer enough to leave your security to manage itself. Security policies and configurations on your firewall devices must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are kept inline with changing business environments. Network firewall traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before damage can be done. This is your first line of defense!

To mitigate the latest security threats, traditional rules and policy-based threat detection are now consolidated with multiple security features such as IPS and web content filtering, all deployed through a single device.

  • Out task hardware, training, upgrade and maintenance to our expert team
  • 24×7 real-time and proactive threat monitoring
  • Identify and remediate threats more quickly
  • Customize and deploy fine-grained and intelligent security policies
  • Improve business agility

Our Firewall Management service provides 24×7 firewall administration, log monitoring, and response to security and device health events.

It’s up to 37% more cost-effective to out-task your Next Generation Managed Firewall than to operate in-house.

Features & Benefits


  • Robust firewall options for every need: Multiple firewall service options include delivery inside the network, at your premises, at our data centres, or completely virtual in the cloud. Other options include co-managed, fully managed, and monitored using next generation firewall technologies
  • Selection support: Custom consulting to help you select the right firewall solution for your needs
  • Configuration support: Custom configuration for installing and managing firewall systems according to your requirements
  • Implementation Support: Device provisioning, implementation, and integration with existing systems, locations and networks
  • Device Management: Ongoing device management, proactive device upgrades, and patch management with unlimited rule-set changes
  • Secure online portal: For customizable access to logs, activity and reports
  • Packet filtering: Network and port address translation (NAT) and VPN support
  • Monitoring: Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats and health issues
  • Reporting: Weekly firewall activity reports based on log file analysis


  • Ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations
  • Remedy gaps in your security team’s skills. Wizard has speclised professionals on staff with experience in security practices across a broad range of industries
  • Scalable solutions poised to meet your security needs as you grow due to our extensive network of data centres located around the globe
  • Lower capital costs and predictable operational costs. Pay only a predictable monthly management fee
  • Protect your organisation against a wide range of network attacks
  • Cost effective solutions require no capital outlay. Hardware and maintenance costs are bundled into a single affordable all-inclusive monthly charge
  • Management includes complete implementation and integration from installation and configuration to ongoing management and routine code updates
  • Increase employee productivity and enable excellent network performance by blocking hacking and other malicious activities
  • Select from multiple established technologies to deliver both firewall and site-to-site VPN capabilities as well as IDS/IPS services as needed

How it works?

To get started with Managed Firewall Services, Wizard performs a comprehensive security review to ensure we understand your firewall needs, network and system topology, and security policies. We then use these details to help develop and define your firewall-specific security policies.

Once we ascertain your needs, we then configure, install, and manage your firewall systems. We can provision your service on a range of platforms, including network-based and virtual firewalls as well as dedicated appliances.



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