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Remote Access in today’s “always-on“, interconnected and mobile driven world means that clients and employees need and expect access to information 24x7x365 regardless of location. It is important to get the right balance between convenience and security as a poorly configured and unpatched remote access solution can provide direct access to corporate resources bypassing all the security controls.

Remote access is always going to be needed but actually achieving this correctly, securely and with minimum fuss is the real challenge. The end just want to be able to remote in and continue working but this still needs to be protected, monitored and secure in order to keep your network safe.

Wizard Cyber can offer many different remote access solutions and services where we can include unlimited configuration changes and full management of patches and upgrades, as well as comprehensive, proactive monitoring and reporting. This is all delivered by our UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Key Service Features

  • Expert device management: Ensuring the highest level of security but also assures availability
  • Host checking: Ensures the remote device complies with security requirements and block or limit access from risky devices
  • Full reporting: Including incidents reported, their breakdown and prioritisation
  • Stay ahead of emerging threats: Get access to the latest threat intelligence and proactive device configuration to protect against emerging threats
  • Continuous proactive monitoring: 24x7x365 expert support from our UK SOC, with real-time alerting of potential threats and service availability issues
CYBERSHIELD Network Security Solutions - AlienVault Partner

Features & Benefits


  • Flexible Single sign on
  • Hosting checking functionality
  • Two Factor Authentication Integration
  • Expert Device management
  • Full Reporting
  • Continous proactive monitoring


Remote access is always needed yet often overlooked in terms of security when actually when not given the appropriate secure setup and monitoring can become a companies biggest weakness.

Wizard Cyber has different remote access techniques and appropriate securing measures to go with every solution. We can enhance the level of security when taken with our CYBERSHIELD system as it allows us to integrate all the security logs and events and monitor in realtime by our SOC.

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