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Web Content Security Service gives your business the flexibility to fend of sophisticated malware, decrease employee helpdesk requests and free up valuable in-house IT resources. Implementing our Web Content service adds an important layer to your initial defenses and delivers scalable, policy based controls and granular monitoring by our Security Operations Centre while ensuring flexible access to the online resources your employees need.

Wizard Cyber can offer a Secure Internet Gateway / Web Gateway service that can actively protect your users on and off site. Users and general access is becoming more mobile and its even more important to be protecting users endpoint whether they are in or out of the office because malicious content can find its way onto a machine no matter where its connected so its important to make sure you are always protected regardless of location.

Malware find its way on your endpoints via the internet and through general browsing so its important to protect that traffic before it reaches your devices and we can achieve this by using our Gateway service.

Traditional solutions of relying on the firewalls or web proxies don’t help you protect endpoints when they are not in the office and you need to protect users from malware they could receive in any number of locations.

Traditional web gateways protect employees from threats over web ports 80 and 443. Attackers try to infiltrate networks and ex filtrate data using different ports. At least 15% of command and control callbacks bypass web ports — leaving a huge gap. A Secure Internet Gateway provides comprehensive protection over all ports and protocols.


The way we work is changing


of the global workforce will be mobile


of branch offices have direct internet access


increase in SaaS app usage is expected


of corporate data will bypass the perimeter

Features & Benefits


  • DNS & IP Layer enforcement
  • Intelligent Proxy (Routes suspect routes for deeper inspection)
  • Command & Control callback blocking
  • Traffic Visibility – On & Off Network
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Enterprise Wide deployment
  • 24×7 expert monitoring and alert resolution
  • Integrated into our Managed Threat Detection Service


We can achieve much more than just content blocking by using our secure internet gateway solution. Our solution uses the infrastructure of the internet to block malicious destinations and can make intelligent decisions at both the IP and DNS layer. We can do all the basic stuff like generating user reports, content filtering but the SIG (Security internet gateway) takes it to that next level for increased protection as most customers that take advantage of this service are not always interested in just the blocking aspect.

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