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From blocking unauthorised devices and intrusion attempts, to stopping the propagation of advanced malware, complete control over your wireless networks is critical to your security.

Our service optimises your wireless infrastructure, implements unbeatable protection and ensures expert management around-the-clock.

Wireless is now heavily utilized and plays a vital role in any network but it needs to be deployed and monitored to ensure its being used correctly by those who should be.

As wireless technology evolves, the security of your data is more important than ever.

Wireless technology is forever evolving and will always be used and improved upon and we make it a primary focus to be aware of the market place and what is new, what is being developed and any potential threats and issues so we are always best advised when proposing and installing wireless solutions.

Wireless can be an easy route into the network when not deployed correctly and keeping users personal phones, tablets or any other unauthorized off of the main network can sometimes be a challenge but we have the answers.

Wireless hardware is no longer just about dumb radios broadcasting SSID’s because vendors have started to deploy other technologies such as the ability to do Application Visibility & Control, Identity Based Firewall and layer 7 filtering into the devices because they will know act as the first barrier making smart, firewall based decisions on whether you can gain access to its networks.

Our solutions and designs have dedicated security radio which acts as an Air-Marshal and enables around the clock protection without interrupting client traffic. Air-Marshal also supplies us with advanced alerting and takes preemptive action to protect the network. All alerts are real time and are part of our monitoring dashboard to ensure you are always protected.


Features & Benefits


  • Robust Wireless options for every need: Wireless is deployed for numerous reasons and we have a wireless solution to fit any prupose.
  • Selection support: Custom consulting to help you select the right wireless solution for your needs
  • Configuration support: Custom configuration for installing and managing wireless systems according to your requirements
  • Implementation Support: Device provisioning, implementation, and integration with existing systems, locations and networks
  • Device Management: Ongoing device management, proactive device upgrades, and patch management
  • Packet filtering: Layer 7 Firewall Rules, Access Control
  • Monitoring: Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats and health issues
  • Reporting: Weekly Reports available over any date/time range and can include location analytics


  • Ensure compliance with PCI and other regulations
  • Remedy gaps in your security team’s skills. Wizard has speclised professionals on staff with experience in security practices across a broad range of industries
  • Scalable solutions poised to meet your security needs as you grow due to our extensive network of data centres located around the globe
  • Protect your organisation wireless against a wide range of network attacks
  • Management includes complete implementation and integration from installation and configuration to ongoing management and routine code updates

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