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RESPOND - Managed Incident Response

The days of just installing Anti Virus and a Firewall and calling yourself protected are over and you cannot just hope that you are going to be OK because in reality its not a case of if you get breached its a case of when you get breached. There is no 100% guarantee or an uncompromisableĀ business but Wizard Cyber responds quickly when breaches happen and we can limit the damage.

We work with our customers to build an incident respond strategy and having systems and procedures in place to quickly react and investigate when a suspected breach is reported. These investigations a large majority of the time are instigated from our SOC but the procedures always include a process for suspect behavior or a breach to be reported by the customer directly.

The averageĀ time from breach to detection is around 200 days and with our CYBERSHIELD service we can reduce that down to minutes or hours. Our analysts are constantly threat hunting and have a range of intelligent security tools at their disposal to discover where a threat is, how its progressed and which users might be at risk followed by remedial action needed in order to protect the customer.

The first few 48 hours are very important to any security breach and our analysts can very quickly analyze and build a site picture of what and how it has progressed and helps our customers make informed security decisions immediately after a security incident has occurred.

A solution for all industries

A solution that has been designed with the SME market in mind and because of the design we can offer enterprise grade solutions and services to the smaller market and while still offering an excellent service and high standards. We understand that each business face unique sets of challenges in protecting your business and what important. We simplify the complexity of cyber security so you can focus on managing your business.

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Financial regulator @TheFCA has warned that the UK asset management and wholesale banking industry still suffers from a lack of cyber security expertise and preparedness.
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