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Advanced Threat Detection

Stop Attacks to Your Network with our CYBERSHIELD Solution

Unleash the power of intelligent, proactive security with our managed advanced threat detection service. Our CYBERSHIELD service can instantly identify and shutdown sophisticated threats with our platform which analyzes all your security logs in real-time. Our system unites SIEM logs, Network Intrusion, Host Intrusion, Real-time Vulnerability Scanning, Networking & Behavioral Monitoring and Cyber Analytics along with access to the Threat Exchange Portal to deliver deep insights you need to locate real threats and eliminate them from your business.

Deployment Options



Monitor your AWS & Azure public cloud and hosted virtual private cloud environments



Monitor your your virtualised private cloud infrastructure on Hyper-V and VMWare



Monitor the physical servers & machines in your datacentre



  • Active & Passive Network Scanning
  • Asset Inventory
  • Software Inventory


  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Authenticated / Unauthenticated Active Scanning
  • Remediation Verification


  • Network IDS
  • Host IDS
  • File Integrity Monitoring


  • Netflow Analysis
  • Service Availability Monitoring


  • Log Management
  • OTX Threat Data
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Incident Response

Defend your business from cyber attacks with CYBERSHIELD

We integrate the very best of signature, behavioural and anomaly detection capabilities combined with our threat intelligence feeds, experience and a full suite of forensic investigation tools that enable our SOC to expose threats in real-time and offer an advanced threat detection solution.


Stop Ransomware in its Tracks with CYBERSHIELD

CYBERSHIELD is Wizard Cyber’s response to modern cyber threats and targeted attacks are an increasing concern to your business. Our all in one Advanced Threat Detection service for threat hunting, behavioural monitoring, asset discovery, SIEM, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection provides you with complete, efficient and compliant solution which gives you peace of mind that your network and data is safe.

We achieve this by pulling logs from all your endpoints, networking equipment, servers, AV/Malware software, Web/URL Filtering and any useful source into CYBERSHIELD where we proactively monitor, assess and remediate gaps in your security along with our in house tools to hunt threats that can evade automated systems.

CYBERSHIELD can process millions of logs in real-time, transforming them into useful readable information and generate alarms and alerts which we use to investigate further and build cases. The solution is built using technology but verified by our dedicated Security Operations Centre who are constantly monitoring the information being received and can rule out false positives and focusing on the real threats.

This information is cross referenced against multiple Threat Intelligence feeds including the Open Threat Exchange Database where we receive 4 million threat alerts every day so we are always current.

CYBERSHIELD is aimed at customers that wants to outsource the security monitoring of their network/data to a specialist security team who will monitor, protect and advise on your current security posture.

CYBERSHIELD is designed to be fully flexible and we can cover a single office or location, to hundreds of locations as our service is fully scaleable to meet demand.

Managed Threat Detection & Threat Landscape

We understand historically Cyber Defences have been extremely expensive meaning SME tend to ignore these and stick with basic protection. Threats today need a lot more than just Antivirus and a Firewall to keep you safe.

Cyber Security Strategy is only for Corporations with large multi-location networks – This is what most SMEs think!

CYBERSHIELD is designed for any size business whether you are a single site with 10 staff or a multinational organisation, we have a solution that is scalable to fit your needs and budget.


Outsourcing your cyber security has many benefits as it allows us to get a fresh perspective or a hackers point of view on your environment so we can assess, detect and advise on your weak points.

You may have a in house IT team or you may outsource your IT Support but it’s very rare  they will poses the skills needed to fully protect your network and more importantly they generally don’t have the time to monitor and maintain as they are usually focused or stretched doing other projects.

Wizard Cyber can relieve that stress by outsourcing your security to us and we can work with your existing outsourced IT partner or your in house team as and when vulnerabilities or attacks happen.

Our dedicated team of security consultants and analysts monitor all of our clients networks 24/7 as security isn’t just a 9 til 5 concern.

Wizard Cyber’s Security Services is aimed at the customer that wants to outsource the security monitoring of their network/data to a specialist security team who will monitor, protect and advise on the overall state and security of your network.

Our Security services have been designed to be fully flexible and we can cover a single office or location to hundreds of locations as our service is fully scaleable to meet your demands.

Managed Security Service Provider

CYBERSHIELD is going to be producing mountainous volumes of alerts, however the SOC will determine which alerts need further investigation or action and will log Security Tickets direct to your support teams to remedy – You can monitor these direct from our APP or our Portal to ensure your teams are taking seriously the remedy of security threats.

We can give access to your Internal IT support team, IT manager, Information Security Manager or your outsourced IT team and we can even log a call directly with them on your behalf. Our internal systems and procedures make us very flexible for raising tickets and alerting the right members of your support team.


Contact Us

Contact us on 0333 311 0121 or info@wizardcyber.com to discuss your specific requirements.

We can take on all of your security requirements and can work with your existing IT company or in house IT team. 

Managing your security is becoming a full time job that needs to go beyond the 9 til 5 as attacks could occur at anytime which is why Wizard Cyber and our team of expert security consultants combined with our 24×7 SOC are here to assist.

CYBERSHIELD Network Security Solutions - AlienVault Partner


  • Gain correlated 24/7 view of your business’s security condition
  • Asset Discovery, Behavioural Monitoring, Vulnerability Assesment, SIEM, Network Intrusion Detection, Host Intrusion Detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Log Monitoring all in one suite
  • Monitors Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and on premise infrastructure
  • Delivers continuous threat intelligence to keep you aware of threats as they emerge and change
  • Provides comprehensive threat detection and actionable incident response directives
  • Save resources and add value to existing infrastructure
  • Reduces TCO over traditional security solutions
  • Consolidate millions of data logs into a single dashboard
  • Meet regulatory requirements for logging and monitoring
  • Identify and proactively remediate relevant threats


  • Ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations
  • Remedy gaps in your security team’s skills. Wizard has speclised professionals on staff with experience in security practices across a broad range of industries
  • Scalable solutions poised to meet your security needs as you grow
  • Lower capital costs and predictable operational costs. Pay only a predictable monthly management fee
  • Protect your organisation against a wide range of network attacks
  • Cost effective solutions require no capital outlay. Hardware and maintenance costs are bundled into a single affordable all-inclusive monthly charge
  • Management includes complete implementation and integration from installation and configuration to ongoing management and routine code updates

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