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The ultimate Small Business Cyber Security Solution

CYBERSHIELD Essentials is our light version of the CYBERSHIELD Managed SIEM Service. The CYBERSHIELD Essentials package gives small businesses real time, enterprise grade threat detection that feeds information back to our SOC and still offers all the key features you would expect to find in our CYBERSHIELD Service. We have designed a package that allows us to monitor and maintain your Security Posture because the days of a firewall and some anti virus are gone and you need to proactive in your defense and detection methods.

We don’t just install and forger like a large percentage of IT support companies that most likely look after your IT infrastructure. Wizard Cyber install CYBERPROTECT defenses and CYBERSHIELD Detection solutions and will monitor, upgrade, troubleshoot and investigate all issues throughout the entire length of the contract.

 The Challenge –  It’s no longer a matter of “if” you will be breached, it’s a matter of “when”.

 In fact, you’ve probably already been attacked and don’t even know it.

Key Features of CYBERSHIELD Essentials

Asset Discovery

Active and Passive Network Asset Discovery is performed as its vital that we understand what is on your network, how it is performing and communicating.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is achieved by our inbuilt vulnerability scanner that performs a full scan periodically. The Vulnerability scanning is a vital part of our service as it allows us to identify and hunt for new and known threats instantly. Once a new vulnerability is discovered we can build a specific scan to identify all hosts that are vulnerable and set about patching and remediation.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection is achieved at the Network level (NIDS) and Endpoint (HIDS) in our solution as this gives us complete insight. Network Intrusion is achieved by listening in on your network switches which a small agent is deployed to all hosts in order to pickup information direct from the endpoints.


Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioral monitoring for your network & systems is essential for spotting unknown threats. It’s also useful in investigating suspicious behavior and policy violations. When it comes to identifying threats in your environment, the best approach is a multi-layered one. Intrusion detection systems (network and host IDS) identify known threats, and network behavior analysis can help you identify anomalies and other patterns that signal new, and unknown threats.


CYBERSHIELD goes beyond traditional SIEM software with all-in-one security essentials and integrated threat intelligence so you can accelerate threat detection in your cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments.

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