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The deep detect & response advantage

Endpoint devices are at the heart of every modern cyber attack. As organisations increase the effectiveness of the security on their servers and networks, their endpoints remain the key points of weakness. Hackers commonly use them as an entry point for an attack as they provide critical information including process actions, file access information, network events and configuration changes. They are also linked to each other, allowing hackers to laterally move across other machines in the organisation they are attacking.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

CYBERSHIELD MDR-ENDPOINT is a fully managed service that combines cutting-edge technology, experienced security professionals, and the latest global cyber threat intelligence information needed to hunt, identify and remediate cyber attacks on all endpoint devices.
Functioning as your company’s own cyber security operations centre (SOC), our leading managed detection and response service includes:

● Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)
● Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
● Advanced Threat Hunting Engine
● 24/7 Security Operations Centre

This complete package of advanced security capabilities is deployed in minutes and is continually monitored by our analysts who report on and mitigate any potential attacks immediately.

70% of all cyber attacks start on endpoint devices.


Deploy and get protected in minutes

The Deep Sensor Architecture is used to deploy sensors to endpoints and servers with zero impact to productivity. The sensor’s unique technology runs continuously in user space, making it impossible to crash your systems, while providing full visibility into all activities at the kernel level.

Deploy and get protected in minutes
Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

Designed for a business of any size, we can scale this service for any number of endpoints ranging from 1 to 10,000+.

Correlation and intelligence

All data from the sensors is constantly relayed to the Advanced Threat Hunting Engine which relates and connects past and present activities.

Correlation and intelligence
Attack kill chain visualisations

Attack kill chain visualisations

User behaviour analytics brings advanced threat intelligence to every stage of the kill chain and helps prevent and stop ongoing attacks before any damage is done.

Ransomware protection

Combining traditional signature detection and artificial intelligence to identify master boot record, shadow copy and ‘non-malware’ file-less attacks.

Ransomware protection
Malicious operation visualiser

Malicious operation visualiser

Showcases the attack’s scope, timeline of what happened, and provides a picture of an evolving situation.

Instant remediation

Threats are immediately neutralised and eradicated with single-click remediation.

Instant remediation


The CYBERSHIELD Portal is the central hub of this service and provides a full overview of all information that can be viewed both by you and our cyber security management team. Multiple dashboards are used to view ticket information and events, change control, status reports and a full overview of all assets and their status.

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