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Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Extending cyber security capabilities to the endpoint


Wizard Cyber’s managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) is powered by Sentinel One technology and configured and maintained by Wizard Cyber Security analysts to offer a complete solution. Analysing and threat hunting requires fully trained and continuous monitoring.

Our EDR solution combines 24/7 monitoring, machine learning enabled network analytics, and leading endpoint detection and response technology.

The result is a complete endpoint protection, detection and response service.

Even the best endpoint prevention tools and strategies can’t stop all endpoint compromises. Endpoints are the easy targets because they are most likely open to software and human vulnerabilities. Successful defences require detecting and isolating compromised endpoints before attackers can ex filtrate your data. Wizard Cyber’s managed endpoint detection and response service (EDR) works seamlessly with our CYBERSHIELD network monitoring solution which gives you complete end to end visibility and protection. 

Managed Endpoint Security

Wizard Cyber Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Fully Managed Service


We use cutting-edge behaviour based detection which can detect any malicious activity



Deep system-level monitoring with our lightweight autonomous agent monitoring all activity in both kernel and user space



Fully integrated, policy driven mitigation covers all endpoints – local and remote which allows for decisive incident response.



Integrated recovery mechanisms that allow rollback of any files that get infected by ransomware.

Ransomware Protection.Guaranteed.

At SentinelOne, we stand behind our solution and with our customers. The $70+ billion cybersecurity market keeps growing—yet attackers still win too often. You can pay for defences that may or may not deliver. Or you can get the assurance of security with the SentinelOne Ransomware Cyber Warranty. We offer up to $1 million in ransomware protection.


Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires fundamentally different approach.

Five Reasons to Look Beyond ‘Math-based’ Next-Gen Antivirus


Against today’s threats, prevention is only part of the battle.

If organisations only had to defend their user endpoints and servers against Portable Executable (PE) and DLL based malware, then prevention-only products would solve a large part of the problem. Not the whole problem, though; these types of attacks represent only 50% to 60% of new malware observed each week, coupled with the fact that no single security technology is 100% effective. But what about other types of threats?


Some things can’t be predicted.

The premise of ‘math-based’ static prevention is that the true nature of a file (benign or malicious) can be predicted through statistical analysis of predefined malicious binary attributes. Basically, this is an application of the same kind of mathematics used across the financial world to predict stock market performance. How well does that actually work? It doesn’t work well enough to confidently anticipate all booms or crashes. The reason for this is simple: markets are driven by human behaviour. So is the creation of malware. It is simply impossible to predict what new techniques and tactics attackers will develop to successfully compromise an endpoint system or breach an organisation.


Attackers will still win when protection is a numbers game.

The thing with statistics is that perspective is critical—especially when it comes to cyber security. For example, claiming a 99.9% efficacy rate against malware is excellent if you’ve got a sample set of 100 different types of malware. But 99.9% efficacy for a sample size of 1,000,000 malware variants changes the whole perspective (1,000 variants go undetected, in this case). Consider that today, one new zero-day attack is discovered almost every week, and that there are nearly 1 million new malware variants released EACH week. Do you still feel comfortable about a 99.9% prevention rate, especially when that prevention is your only layer of protection? All it takes is a single attack for an organisation to be left reeling from the ensuing financial and reputation damage.


YOU have to teach the A.I.

The application of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning to endpoint protection marks a big leap forward in cyber security innovation. In the best case, the system ‘learns’ new criteria and adapts quickly with a short ramp-up that doesn’t require much (if any) administrative intervention. However, the math-based next-gen AV product falls short.


Cloud-based management is the only deployment option.

If your organisation adheres to stringent data privacy policies that require it to own its own data, then the industry’s most hyped math-based next-generation AV isn’t an option for you. It is strictly cloud-based, with no option to deploy as an on-premise management server.

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