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Modern Cyber Security

The importance of cyber security is undeniable for all organisations, no matter the size or industry. The rise of attacks and the evolution of IT consumption, organisations need to modernize their approach to cyber security and ensure you have the right people, processes and technology in place.

SME businesses still believe they are not a target and they do not put the necessary in place to adequately protect, detect and respond to cyber threats. Many organisations rely heavily on the chosen IT team to assist with cyber security or they assume they are responsible. IT and cyber security require different technology, people, processes and skillsets in order to keep an organisation safe.

Users are working remotely and from home and this trend will only increase which makes the job of a security professional even harder as all the endpoints are now outside of the organisation’s primary security perimeter such as firewalls. Cyber security is much more than just anti virus and a firewall to keep you safe. Many organisations currently


5 million cyber security threats on devices a month

Microsoft says it is executing on its “vision” of Microsoft Threat Protection, its all-encompassing security service, which is built on the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

While Windows or now Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a better-known brand, it’s just part of the Threat Protection stable that covers Azure Sentinel managed SIEM service, Microsoft Defender ATP, Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Security Center, and Azure Active Directory (AD).

Various Threat Protection services are offered in subscription bundles to top-tier enterprise customers of its graph database-powered Microsoft 365 package, such as the recently announced Microsoft 365 Identity & Threat Protection bundle that combines Microsoft Threat Protection (Azure ATP, Windows Defender ATP and Office 365 ATP) as well as Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure AD.


Why trust Microsoft at the core of your cyber security?

Microsoft is most likely at the core of your infrastructure in terms of email, Office 365, Azure and everything in between. Microsoft has the largest reach in terms of threat signals and intelligence. Microsoft now says it’s analyzed 470 billion emails from Outlook, up from 400 billion a year ago. Impressively, it’s also now scanning over one billion Azure user accounts, up from 750 million Azure user accounts this time last year.

Authentications on Microsoft accounts scanned each month are also up, from 450 billion last year to 630 billion today. Microsoft is still scanning 1.2 billion devices and detects about five billion threats on devices each month. It’s also still picking up and analyzing 6.5 trillion threats signals daily, and still scans over 18 billion Bing pages.

Securing your Organisation


Block Attacks

Looks across domains to understand the entire chain of events, identify affected assets, and protect your most sensitive resources.


Control Access

Control Access to all Office 365 applications and services. Define policies, rules and standards for access to be permitted.


Mobile Device Management

Protect your organisation’s data on users mobile devices by giving them conditional access to your Office 365 tenancy. Add an extra layer of protection by using MDM and Intune.


Zero Trust

Zero Trust centres on strong user identity, device health verification, validation of application health, and secure, least-privilege access to corporate resources and services.


Shadow IT

Gain insight, knowledge and control over applications being used without explicit IT approval.

24/7 Security Operations Centre

Our 24/7 SOC will advise, configure, monitor and maintain your Office 365 environment as part of our cybersecurity packages.

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