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Attack Surface
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CYBERSHIELD EDR is a managed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with over 27 years of experience, we have developed this complete service to ensure that your business is getting the highest level of protection possible from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

By supporting your Microsoft Defender environment with our 24x7x365, global security operations centre (SOC), manned by our team of Microsoft-certified cyber security analysts, we are able to provide rapid threat detection, identification, and response. These capabilities seamlessly scale to the size of your organisation, ensuring that all your endpoints are protected, regardless of how many you have or where they are located

CYBERSHIELD EDR is also available with our optional state-of-the-art threat intelligence module, CYBERSHIELD TI. Powered by Recorded Future and Palo Alto Networks, industry leaders in threat intelligence, this module further improves the power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, providing your business with an unparalleled level of endpoint protection

Key Features

CYBERSHIELD EDR brings together the powerful functionality of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Wizard Cyber’s 24x7x365 global SOC, Microsoft expertise, and proprietary modules to provide excellent preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and vulnerability management. All of these features and more combine to make CYBERSHIELD EDR the pinnacle in endpoint protection


24x7x365 Global SOC

Wizard Cyber’s global SOC infrastructure, based in the UK and the Middle East provides industry-leading protection at all times, wherever you are

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Identification, assessment, and containment of vulnerabilities in real-time within your organisation’s endpoints
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Attack Surface Protection

Mitigate risk and resist attacks through advanced network exploit protection, application control, controlled folder access, and more

Next-Generation Protection

Machine learning, big data analysis, and powerful threat resistance combine to create real-time, next generation cyber protection

Rapid Detection & Response

CYBERSHIELD EDR provides rapid detection, investigation, and response to even the most advanced cyber threats

Automated Investigation & Containment

State-of-the-art automation investigates and contains low-level threats, allowing our analysts to focus on more dangerous alerts

Microsoft Secure Score

Advanced benchmarks and KPIs enable us to measure and track your organisation’s cyber security posture and identify areas for improvement

Threat Hunting

Threat identification and response is further improved with advanced threat hunting, providing proactive protection and valuable insights

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

Wizard Cyber have been utilising Microsoft Defender for Endpoint since its inception and have been an expert in Microsoft products since 1995

Web Filtering

Regulation and tracking of website access across your organisation improves productivity and provides accountability for users

Threat Intelligence

Our optional threat intelligence module, CYBERSHIELD TI, provides faster threat detection, triage, and proactive threat prevention

Email Protection

Our optional email protection protects your organisation’s email account against advanced threats, such as credential phishing, email compromise attacks, and more


Threat Intelligence, Powered by
Recorded Future & Palo Alto Networks

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can be further augmented by our optional threat intelligence module, CYBERSHIELD TI, which provides faster and more accurate detection and response for your endpoints. This is achieved by correlating enormous amounts of external intelligence with our own threat data, leading to real-time threat analysis and response

CYBERSHIELD TI is powered by Recorded Future and Palo Alto Networks, industry leaders in threat intelligence, and is augmented by our own exclusive intelligence database. All of this data, combined with our threat analysis and investigation expertise, greatly improves endpoint protection for your business

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Wizard Cyber offer enterprise-grade, cost-effective cyber security solutions. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Azure Certified Expert MSP, we utilise our experience in Microsoft Azure Sentinel to provide the highest level of protection possible to customers of any industry and size

Our team of talented and experienced cyber security professionals are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our customers, regardless of their requirements and situation

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