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The Importance of Powerful Threat Intelligence

Effective threat intelligence is a core part of our CYBERSHIELD services. Powered by Recorded Future and Palo Alto Networks, industry leaders in threat intelligence and cyber security services, our threat intelligence module integrates seamlessly with any Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment

By correlating vast amounts of external intelligence with our internal threat data, CYBERSHIELD TI allows you to analyse and respond to threats in real-time. This brings an unparalleled level of cyber security and protection to our customers, with faster threat detection & triage, and proactive threat prevention

Benefits of Threat Intelligence


Contextualised Intelligence

By integrating CYBERSHIELD TI with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, we generate more powerful insights and faster, more informed security decisions. This results in our customers’ security threats being resolved 63% faster than before they utilised our threat intelligence service

Faster Threat Detection & Triage

Our security analysts spend less time researching threats and more time responding to them. This is achieved by layering elite security intelligence on top of internal threat data provided by Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This increased visibility empowers them to make more informed decisions and improves security team efficiency by over 30%

Proactive Threat Prevention

CYBERSHIELD TI’s threat intelligence data, gathered across numerous open, closed, and technical sources, provides us with the ability to easily validate cyber threats affecting business’ endpoints. We can then proactively block threats before they have a chance to deal any damage. This allows our SOC to identify over 20% more security threats than our competitors


Integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel

CYBERSHIELD TI integrates directly with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, helping to automatically detect risky indicators of compromise (IOCs) and enable your SOC to respond quickly with confidence. Triaging alerts also becomes a much quicker and more accurate process due to the addition of powerful, real-time intelligence

The power of CYBERSHIELD TI drastically improves Microsoft Azure Sentinel’s ability to identify and respond to cyber threats, improving the effectiveness of your SOC and bolstering the security of your organisation’s infrastructure as a whole

Powered by

Recorded Futures Logo

Founded in 2007, Recorded Future is an industry leader in threat intelligence, organisation, and analysis. With over 1 billion Intelligence Cards™ (bundles of real-time threat intelligence on a security topic) in their database, we are able to correlate internal threat data against an incredible number of known vulnerabilities and threats

By integrating Recorded Future’s threat intelligence platform with CYBERSHIELD TI, we have dramatically increased our ability to investigate, analyse, and respond to threats in real-time. This integration protects your business against even the latest and most dangerous cyber threats

Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto Networks is a global cyber security leader, specialising in threat intelligence and security operations. With over 85,000 customers and operating in 150 countries, Palo Alto Networks is trusted by companies around the world to protect their business from cyber threats

We have integrated their threat intelligence platform into CYBERSHIELD TI, giving your business access to one of the world’s largest threat intelligence networks. This network has been built upon real-world attack data, sourced from over 65,000 enterprise-level organisations, and is supported by the insights of world-renowned threat researchers

How we use Threat Intelligence


Threat intelligence is an integral part of our incident management platform, CYBERSHIELD IDR. Designed to improve Microsoft Azure Sentinel's basic interface and functionality, this purpose-built platform utilises Threat Intelligence as part of a suite of incident management and response systems

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Managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel

When managing a Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment for a business, we rely on advanced Threat Intelligence to ensure that our customers are protected from even the latest cyber threats. Combined with Microsoft's cyber security research and intelligence, we can provide the highest level of protection possible for Microsoft Azure Sentinel users

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Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SOCs rely on the ability to detect and respond to threats as quickly as possible. Our threat intelligence service allows our cyber security analysts to investigate, prioritise, and eliminate threats expediently while ensuring that we are prepared for even the latest cyber threats

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