Why Use a ISO 27001 Management Service

ISO 27001 certification comes with many challenges and requires constant monitoring and management to ensure that organisations meet the criteria set by the International Organisation for Standardisation. This is why many companies are opting to choose a fully managed service to negate the constant attention that obtaining ISO 27001 needs.

Our managed ISO 27001 service covers everything from the initial gap analysis right through to obtaining certification and maintain the ISO standard moving forward, giving you complete peace of mind.

What our Service Covers

Our cyber security and consultancy team will be able to support your organisation in the following manner

  • Implement maintain and manage your ISMS platform throughout the year.
  • Quarterly updates of the key risks and cyber security threats that your team needs to be aware of.
  • Assessing the effectiveness and performance of your ISMS for continual improvement.
  • Participating in your quarterly management review meetings.
  • Developing management review agendas and maintaining meeting minutes.
  • Reviewing security incidents and risks by tracking non-conformity and incident logs.
  • Providing recommendations for corrective action.
  • Reviewing the internal and external context and requirements of interested parties.
  • Developing reports and providing feedback on the performance of your ISMS.
  • The support and knowledge of an experienced information security team when taking corrective action.
  • A proven approach for the effective monitoring and management of your ISMS.
  • The assurance that you are consistently achieving the requirements of ISO 27001.
  • Significantly improved chances of achieving a successful audit/surveillance visit.
  • Expert feedback to ensure you address any incidents as quickly as possible.

Why Should I Get ISO 27001 Certification

Many reasons drive organisations towards ISO certification, in some cases it’s a regulatory requirement, in others its driven by the organisations customers. In the simplest terms ISO 27001 establishes a security baseline within an organisation for the processing of information through its lifecycle (creation, handling, transfer, storage, recovery and destruction). This baseline signals to 3rd parties, like your clients, that you satisfy the list of requirements defined by this certification.


Our Process

The decision to undergo ISO 27001 certification must have full management support. The necessary changes will require time, but this is an investment towards compliance that will pay off in the long run for more efficient processes.


Status Assessment

Our ISO 27001 Status Assessment is your first step towards compliance & certification. We can help you figure out where your audit program stands now, which will give you the chance to identify areas that need improvement. Our team of professionals will come in and take a look at your current program to tell you what needs to be done.

ISO 27001 Consultation

After the status assessment, an agreement is reached between the lead consultant and the auditee on how much support needs to be provided to finish pending tasks (major and minor).

Pre-Compliance Audit

As per the ISO 27001 standard, an internal audit must be conducted by an auditor to assess if your organisation has satisfied the requirements of the standard in the implementation phase. Our auditor will simulate a full certification audit covering all the controls in detail highlighting any non-compliance instances, their level, and recommended remediation.

Certification & Surveillance Audits

Once your organisation and our consultant flag that the processes in scope are ready for audit, a second auditor is brought in to conduct the certification audit, if all is well, certification is given. The validity of the certification is three years, to ensure the organisation remains compliant in that time, the auditor will visit the organisation regularly during that period (traditionally one to two times per year) to conduct a surveillance audit and certify continual compliance.


If you have any further questions about our ISO 27001 consultation service that are not answered below please feel free to call us on 0333 311 0121 or book a meeting with one of our cyber security experts
Is ISO 27001 Mandatory?
ISO 27001 is not mandated in many countries, but if you are doing business in certain industries, e.g. financial services, you may be required to have an ISO 27001 certification or an equivalent. To determine whether ISO 27001 is mandatory or not for your company, you should call us on 0333 311 0121
Is ISO 27001 a Framework?
Part of the ISO 27000 series, a comprehensive set of cybersecurity standards that help organisations identify and manage their risks in a standardized way. ISO 27001 is a framework that helps organisations “establish, implement, operate and maintain an ISMS”.
How Much Does ISO 27001 Cost?
Price can vary depending on the size and operation of your organisation their are many facotrs that need to be taken into account before an estimation can be given.
How Long Does a ISO 27001 Certification Valid For?
ISO 27001 is valid for 3 years as long as the ISMS is managed and maintained throughout this period.
Can You Fail an ISO 27001 Audit?
You can fail an audit if a required document is unpublished. Providing a variety of documents, such as meeting minutes and internal audit reports, can prove you have set up the systems and practices that help meet ISO 27001 standards. That includes an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
Does ISO 27001 Cover GDPR?
In short, the ISO 27001 certification will cover your GDPR data processing security requirements, from stress testing and staff training.
Is ISO 27001 Good For Employees
A big advantage of ISO 27001 is that it can dramatically reduce the risk of data breaches, which can often be brought on from employees, with the correct training and certification in place organisations can mitigate these threats.