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Cyber security solutions for energy and utilities

56% of the organisations indicated they are lacking in real-time actionable cyber security intelligence, which is critical to emergency response

Industry challenges

The energy sector offers malicious actors the best opportunity of causing physical damage. With the economic and social importance of energy provision, the attractiveness of this target for nation-states, terrorists, and hacktivists is clear. In the last 12 months, 26% of energy companies fell victim to a successful cyber-attack, and with industrial control systems increasingly being linked to the Internet, and IoT devices spreading in the workplace, this percentage could rise.

The critical role that the energy sector plays in the functioning of a modern economy, with its increasing interconnection and digitisation, with the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, make the energy sector a highly attractive target for cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting operations. In a worst-case scenario these attacks can result in infrastructure shut down, triggering economic and financial disruptions or even loss of life and massive environmental damage.

Energy companies and grid organizations need to be aware of the various cyber threats that face them and accept that their strategic role in society places them in the firing line of some particularly skilled and motivated attackers, including state actors.

Due to the speed of these changes, traditional cyber security measures have been found wanting, as evidenced by the growing level of cyber breaches reported in this sector. Forward-thinking organisations must build on the effective parts of their cyber security programmes with practical solutions in order to stay one step ahead.

How Wizard Cyber helps the energy and utility sector

Wizard Cyber provides an ideal cyber security partner for any energy company, oil & gas firm or IoT provider confronted by the specific challenges peculiar to the energy sector. The energy and utilities industry are currently the second biggest target for cyber attacks.   

Wizard Cyber’s CYBERSHIELD managed threat detection and response service monitors the endpoints and network within a organisation to keep you protected. CYBERSHIELD Managed Detection and Response or MDR Service can detect and contain advanced threats, stop attackers in their tracks, accelerate your security program and drastically improve your cyber security security posture.

CYBERSHIELD accurately monitors your network and endpoints no matter how fragmented it is and we can detect suspicious behaviour for the attention of our 24/7 security team who can act within minutes and contain, isolate and remove a threat. CYBERSHIELD is built on modern state

CYBERSHIELD MDR is built from the ground up to help security teams of all sizes and security experiences strengthen their security posture, find attackers, and stay ahead of emerging threats. Our MDR service uses a combination of security expertise and technology to detect dynamic threats quickly across your entire ecosystem, providing the hands-on, 24/7/365 monitoring, threat hunting, response support, and security guidance needed to stop nefarious activity and help you accelerate your security maturity.

Cyber attacks Against Energy Sector Are Higher Than Average

CYBERSHIELD MDR-COMPLETE is designed to protect Energy and Utility firms from advanced cyber attacks

Functioning as your security operations centre (SOC), our leading managed 24/7 threat detection and response service helps mitigate cyber security risk by monitoring your critical IT assets, proactively hunting for threats and providing immediate remediation action when required.

CYBERSHIELD MDR-COMPLETE delivers 360° cyber security protection specifically designed for a private equity company. It features Next Generation Antivirus and Endpoint Detection & Response together with email protection, cloud security, vulnerability scanning and regular penetration testing.

Wizard Cyber – Your Trusted Cyber Partner

With a dedicated team of experienced cyber security professionals and a pragmatic approach, we will help your organisation to:

  • Monitor and protect your IT assets on a 24/7 basis
  • Outsource cyber security to reduce the number and cost of in-house staff
  • Keep your organisation operating in the event of a cyber breach
  • Define and manage a fixed cyber security budget
  • Meet the requirements of standards that include GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001

Protect your company from cyber fraud and damage to its reputation.

Find out how CYBERSHIELD MDR-COMPLETE can be fully operational in just two days!

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