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Managed SIEM Service - CYBERSHIELD

Stop Attacks to Your Network with Managed SIEM Solutions from WizardCyber

Wizard Cybers Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) service collects data from across your network into out CYBERSHIELD platform that creates actionable intelligence to perform further investigation and adjust your security posture.

CYBERSHIELD is capable of collecting and processing millions of logs in real time and is much more than just as SIEM service as we provide 4 other key components as part of the service. CYBERSHIELD performs Active and Passive Asset discovery, Continuous Vulnerability Assessments, Network & Host Intrusion Detection and Behavioural Monitoring.

CYBERSHIELD can protect cloud, on-premise and hybrid networks and can be deployed in any of those scenarios. CYBERSHIELD can start collecting information and processing within minutes and start providing actionable data about threats such as unauthorised access attempts, privilege misuse, policy abuse, anomalous behavior, system compromise, exploitation & installation, delivery & attack, reconnaissance & probing and Environmental awareness.

Deployment Options



Monitor your AWS & Azure public cloud and hosted virtual private cloud environments



Monitor your your virtualised private cloud infrastructure on Hyper-V and VMWare



Monitor the physical servers & machines in your datacentre

Who is Monitoring your SIEM?

Security Information Event Management or SIEM is a solution that requires a lot of attention, support and resource in order to maintain and actively use the system. SIEM is not a solution you can install and forget about as it requires constant monitoring, fine tuning and analysis to get the most out of it and find faults and threats within your network. Wizard Cyber are a Platinum AlienVault MSSP Partner who will assist with installing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring the AlienVault USM or Anywhere product.

You can do this on your own or with your in-house/outsourced IT team but they are often already stretched and don’t have the time to dedicate to monitoring and maintaining this solution. If you are going to spend budget on a solution you need to know that you are getting a good return for the investment and Wizard Cyber and here to work with you in getting the most out of the solution.

Wizard Cyber can install, maintain and work the events and alarms that is generated by the SIEM Solution and you can be confident that we are getting the most out of the system.

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How It Works?

Wizard Cyber Managed SIEM collects, analyzes and stores logs from networks, hosts and critical applications. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all so our service can be tailored with flexible options and various choices to achieve what you need from our service.

Whether you are wanting to achieve PCI DSS or ISO 27001 compliance we have the solution that can help and reduce complexity and cost.

Defend your business from cyber attacks with CYBERSHIELD

We integrate the very best of signature, behavioral and anomaly detection capabilities combined with our threat intelligence feeds, experience and a full suite of forensic investigation tools that enable our SOC to expose threats in real-time and offer an advanced threat detection solution.


Managed SIEM Features



  • Active & Passive Network Scanning
  • Asset Inventory
  • Software Inventory


  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Authenticated / Unauthenticated Active Scanning
  • Remediation Verification


  • Network IDS
  • Host IDS
  • File Integrity Monitoring


  • Netflow Analysis
  • Service Availability Monitoring


  • Log Management
  • OTX threat data
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Incident Response


The CYBERSHIELD Service is available in 5 different packages depending on requirements. We have fully managed Elite+ down to supply only solutions that just covers the ongoing maintenance of the system.

CYBERSHIELD operates on premise, in the cloud or in any hybrid environment.


CYBERSHIELD Elite+ offers all the same services and features as the Elite package but we have expanded on the solution to offer enhanced Endpoint Protection and Threat Hunting capabilities. This technology is normally aimed at the large enterprise but our approach and technology is aiming this at the mid sized business. The Elite+ has a team of elite Security analysts that hunts and investigates threats before they can even trigger an alarm.

Designed For: No Security Team/Limited Knowledge/Complete outsource Solution


CYBERSHIELD Elite is our most in depth and comprehensive service. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) will fully manage the installation, support and will proactively monitor your network, investigate security alarms and tune the system for greater visibility and will work with your IT team when we find anomalies. You don’t need to do anything as Wizard Cyber will handle everything day to day and will meet with you periodically to discuss security posture and improvements.

Designed For: No Security Team/Limited Knowledge/Complete outsource Solution


CYBERSHIELD is the full hands on service and essentials is very much a hands off service except for support, maintenance but the CYBERSHIELD Enhanced Care is the middle ground. Enhanced Care exists for the customers that want to work and respond to the events and alarms in house but occasionally you may require deeper investigation or a second opinion. Under CYBERSHIELD Enhanced Care we also look at the CYBERSHIELD platform 24×7 and this allows you to focus on the security but you get the added benefit of having access to highly skilled and expert consultants.

Designed for: Hands on IT Team / Semi-Professional Security Team


Do you want to review the alarms and reports from your security tools but maybe you don’t have enough time or resources to maintain CYBERSHIELD? Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors 24×7 while you focus on investigations. Let us take care of the support and maintenance such as updates, patches, health & performance, security enhancements, data flow and troubleshooting while you focus on analysis. We will meet with you regularly to review your security posture and recommend improvements.

Designed for: Professional Security Team


CYBERSHIELD can be purchased directly with us and we will supply the software and license and all of the support, maintenance and software use can be handled in house. Training can be supplied as we operate a 5 day web course that is available every 2-3 weeks. CYBERSHIELD is available as a small monthly service subscription.

Designed for: Professional Security Team

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