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Securing the Remote & Home Workers

With an increasing number of employees working remotely and from home, its important to keep them secure, protect the devices as well as control and monitor centralised access to company data, email and other systems. The number of users working remotely and from home will only ever be increasing. The flexibility of having a borderless infrastructure that allows you to access email, data and applications from anywhere has made remote working easy but this comes with increased security risks.


Risks of Remote Work

Allowing employees to access company data from offsite locations raises concerns about data encryption, the security of wireless connections, use of removable media and potential loss or theft of devices and data.

Having the correct technology in place that protects and monitors remote endpoints that can detect abnormal behaviour and threats is vital. It is equally as important to ensure that the central systems such as data, email and other applications have access control that goes beyond a username, passwords and multi-factor authentication. Continuous improvement and monitoring of the environment is key to ensuring endpoints and central high-risk data and email systems are kept secure.

Remote Access Policies

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t understand the requirements for robust remote access policy. Access needs and practices are changing among all workers, not just remote employees, and professional guidance is becoming essential to prevent serious problems like identity theft, data breaches and data loss.

IT and cybersecurity professionals can evaluate the security risks companies face and develop customised protocols to minimize these risks, but 44% of companies aren’t bringing the pros in to help. Therefore, many executives may miss key insights into potential vulnerabilities and fail to implement proper protection for remote workers.

Establishing a Secure Environment

Public Wi-FI is a top concern for any security team but employees still use and need these connections for work. Securing the Endpoint and having the correct technology in place and user awareness about staying safe while using these types of connections is important.

Securing the Remote Workers Overview



Stop unauthorised access to data in your cloud applications.


Threat & Vulnerability Management

Ongoing vulnerability testing as its vital weaknesses is found, corrected, and patched.


Suspicious Activity

Identify suspicious user and device activity with both known-technique detection and behavioural analytics


Threat Intelligence

Analyse threat intelligence from the cloud and on premises


Endpoint Integration

We monitor multiple entry points through integration with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection


Microsoft Threat Experts

Microsoft Defender ATP’s new managed threat hunting service provides proactive hunting, prioritization, and additional context and insights that further empower Security operation centres (SOCs).

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