Threat Intelligence, Keeps us ahead!

Threat Intelligence is very important to us and its what separates Wizard Cyber and all other providers offering Managed Threat Detection or Security as a Service Offerings. Wizard has direct access to multiple Threat Intelligence Sources which feeds into our highly advanced systems which allow us to stay ahead and see whats currently happening in the cyber world. It’s very important that we stay current in order to advice, monitor and build your protection around what is happening now.

Knowledge is power and with attacks becoming more sophisticated, its now fundamental to know what is happening around the world because attacks are not geographic and can come from anywhere.

In order to anticipate and respond to attacks we need to understand motivations, intentions and characteristics along with the methods used.

We use a combination of paid for and free feeds which get pulled into our bespoke security analyst dashboard as well as our Federated Servers in the data centre in real-time which we use as additional tools and information for analysing.

  • File Hashes: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, PEHASH, IMPHASH
  • CIDR Rules
  • File Paths
  • MUTEX name
  • CVE number
  • IP addresses
  • Domains
  • Hostnames (subdomains)
  • Email
  • URL
  • URI

Our biggest Threat Intelligence Feed has more than 53,000 participants in 140 countries, who combined contribute over 10 million threat indicators daily. It allows Wizard Cyber to gain insight information through a combined network which enhances our offering and improved security across the board and that is just from a single feed that we partner with.

These feeds are also pulled into your CYBERSHIELD service allowing these Indicators to be referenced in real-time and alert a security analyst for further investigation instantly.

Wizard Cyber are moving away from the traditional Security Operation Centre (SOC) design and focusing on a Security Intelligence Centre (SIC) as these is what is required to offer the best security as a service offering because it keeps us current in a dramatically changing threat landscape.

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