Cyber security is now a huge issue, endangering both revenues and reputations. Wizard’s complete, proactive strategy and custom-built capabilities were designed from the ground up to reduce cyber risk, protect customers effectively and reduce detection time and damage when breaches happen.

The traditional approach to cyber security is broken. Spending has increased drastically in this area but so have the number of breaches. Most compromises aren’t due to sophisticated new threats, but ones we already know about and Technology alone cannot match the scale and breadth of today’s attack landscape to solve this problem; in fact, most organisations aren’t effectively using the systems they have.

Technology alone cannot solve this problem and it requires the combined of both technology and expert people who understand the dark side of the cyber world who are best at protecting you and your business.

A piecemeal approach to IT security inevitably leaves organisations exposed to greater risk. Our strategy addresses the entire attack continuum, with bespoke capabilities that enable organisations to assess risks, detect threats, protect assets and respond to breaches quickly and effectively.

Wizard Cyber has a mix of highly skilled an qualified consultants that between us has a full range of Security related qualifications ranging from Masters in Ethical Hacking, Cisco security, industry recognized ethical hackers / security consultants and vendor specific security certifications.

Wizard has no alliance to any particular vendor as we are partners with numerous vendors and we are always evaluating current and new software so we can supply and install the very best of breed products that offers the best level of protection.

Wizard Cyber has a background in IT Support from our other company Wizard IT (www.WizardIT.com) so we can fully support any network and client no matter the size or complexity as both companies work closely together.

We combine a total understanding of customer environments with visibility into the surrounding threat landscape, enabling us to tailor efficient security strategies that match cyber risk to a customer’s business appropriately. This approach dramatically reduces risk across the entire attack continuum, helping customers maintain the outstanding availability, confidentiality and integrity every business craves.

Why Wizard Cyber?

  • Reduce the cost and business impact of security breaches.
  • Reduce TCO and resource demands from IT security.
  • Drive greater value from focussed security spending.
  • Tailor IT security to mitigate business risk appropriately.
  • Manage cyber risk to lower insurance premiums and ensure adequate cover.
  • Feel safe knowing you are being protected 24/7
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