CYBER SECURITY REVIEW Improve the Security
Of your Office 365 Environment

Millions of new cyber security threats are appearing every day

placing more and more pressure on organisations that rely on sensitive online assets, such as Office 365. At Wizard Cyber, we believe that the only way to protect these assets is to regularly review them and identify any vulnerabilities that could lead to costly breachesOur Microsoft-certified cyber security consultants will conduct an in-depth, independent, and comprehensive review of your Office 365 environment. During this assessment, they complete a variety of tests designed to gauge the ability of your system to defend itself against cyber threats. This allows us to identify areas that need to be improved to ensure your Office 365 environment is secureAt the end of the review, our consultants will produce a report which details how your cyber security systems have performed. They will also list any vulnerabilities that are present and provide advice on how the system can be improved to ensure better results in the future. We base this report on recognised cyber frameworks, so your team can easily refer to other resources for further guidance


What is Included in an
Office 365 Review?

We understand that for many organisations, their Office 365 environment is integral to their day-to-day operations

To ensure that your environment is secure and to be able to plan for future cyber security improvements, you need to have a complete view of your current situation. Our Office 365 review has been designed with this in mind, providing your organisation with the insights and actionable advice that you needWe assess your Office 365 environment against Microsoft CIS best practices and benchmarks, reviewing a variety of different policies, permissions, configurations, and more:

Account and authentication policies
Application permissions
Data management practices
Email security configurations
Exchange Online environment
Storage policies
Auditing policies
Mobile device management
Licensing configuration

Benefits of an
Office 365 Review

An Office 365 review identifies any vulnerabilities within your environment, as well as areas of poor configuration, ill-defined policies, and more. As well as providing valuable insights, there are many other benefits you can expect

Independent, Microsoft-certified Advice

Gain access to industry-leading expertise and advice on your Office 365 security as well as guidance on how to improve

A Clear Path To Improvement

Move forward with your cyber security efforts in a clear, proactive, and planned way, with actionable insights for future improvement

Reduce In-house Team Pressure

Free up valuable time from your in-house IT or security team, allowing them to focus on other projects and areas of improvement

Office 365 Protection

Drastically improve your ability to safeguard your Office 365 environment and reduce the likelihood of a disastrous breach

The Process of an
Office 365 Review

The process we use for our cyber security reviews is constantly honed and improved to ensure that we provide the most effective service possible, whilst reducing any disruption to your organisation’s operations

STEP 1Initial Meeting

An experienced cyber security consultant will perform a comprehensive audit of your organisation's cyber security measures. The initial call will alow our team to better understand your organisation, while also providing an opportunity to introduce our experts, explain the processes, and discuss the project timeline

STEP 2Technical Cyber Controls Assessment

An audit that will involve on-site visits andd remote access when required. Additionally, interviews with senior managers may be conducted to identify and validate the relationship between the people, process, and technology controls currently in place. This assessment will require at least one meeting and may involve several meetings with various staff members and departments

STEP 3Vulnerability Assessments (Internal & External)

Internal and external vulnerability assessments will be tailored in response to the scoping questionnaire completed during the initial meeting. External scans will be performed from Wizard Cyber's premises but the internal scan may require an on-site visit if required (scans are typically performed remotely)

STEP 4Intelligence Gathering

Wizard Cyber will use its internal team of security experts, threat intelligence feeds, and advanced software to gather information about your organisation and personnel. if we uncover information that presents a cyber security threat, it's fair to assume that cyber criminals could do the same

STEP 5Threat Modelling

Our team of experts will create a threat model based on real-world observations, highlighting at-risk areas across your organisation. This will allow you to assess your current cyber security capabilities against different types of attacks, identify gaps in your defences, and adjust your roadmap accordingly

STEP 6Results Meeting

A comprehensive audit report will be delivered, documenting the status of each security measure and indicating the level of cyber risk in relation to the type of vulnerability or threat and its potential impact. The report will identify actions and recommendations that should be taken to minmise cyber risks
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Wizard Cyber offer enterprise-grade, cost-effective cyber security solutions. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Azure Certified Expert MSP, we utilise our experience in Microsoft Azure Sentinel to provide the highest level of protection possible to customers of any industry and sizeOur team of talented and experienced cyber security professionals are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our customers, regardless of their requirements and situationGet in touch with us today to discuss your cyber security concerns or to find out how you can achieve complete protection against cyber-attacks and data breaches

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Providing enterprises with bespoke & powerful managed solutions to protect against all forms of cybercrime
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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GET IN TOUCHLatest Updates
Stay up to date with the latest news from Wizard Cyber and the cyber security industry

Copyright by Wizard Cyber. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wizard Cyber. All rights reserved.