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Cyber Security SME

Protecting the SME business from cyber threats with our Managed Threat Detection Platform – CYBERSHIELD

Wizard Cyber Security is a division of Wizard that specialize in providing high quality cyber security consultancy and protection to the SME market that do not have the vast IT and Security budgets but still face similar threats and risks that much larger corporations face.

Wizard Cyber Security service offers the SME a practical, flexible and cost effective solution to mitigating the cyber risks the SME faces.

As your trusted security partner we can provide a whole range of security services tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Whether you need advice with a specific threat, full cyber security consultancy and support or would like your existing IT team to work alongside us then we can help protect you.

Our company mission is simple – bring superior cyber security services to our customers

CYBERSHIELD Network Security Solutions - AlienVault Partner

CYBERSHIELD from Wizard Cyber combines leading security professionals, cutting-edge technology and the latest global intelligence to provide the expert capabilities businesses need to identify the presence of hackers and thwart damaging cyber-attacks.

Functioning as your company’s very own cyber security operations centre (CSOC), this leading managed detection and response service helps mitigate information security risk by monitoring critical IT infrastructure and assets 24/7, proactively hunting for threats and providing actionable remediation advice.

CYBERSHIELD Key features:

  • All-in-one service integrating expert security personnel, cutting-edge tools and intelligence
  • 24/7 network monitoring for rapid threat detection and response
  • Full incident investigation, clear reporting and remediation advice
  • Swift threat notification and analytics via our platform
  • Flexible deployment options (on site, virtual, cloud and AWS/Azure)

Why Partner with Wizard Cyber?

> Response & Resolution

Wizard are Threat Hunting 24×7 by our elite Security Analysts and our response and resolution times are near real-time. We proactively monitor and investigate the security of your network and respond immediately to any incident for further investigation.

> Multiple Cyber Services

We recognise that in an ever-evolving climate, business objectives can change and this includes security. Wizard Cyber continues to add upon an already vast array of security services and solutions and our depth of experience and innovation has enabled us to deliver effective security solutions.

> Security Consultants

Our long standing ethos is centered around our mission to bring superior cyber security services to the SME market. We strategically employ a vast array of specialised security analysts & consultants. This widens our ability to offer a range of cyber security solutions. Wizard Cyber have vast experience in cyber security which gives us a wider understanding of your needs and goals.

SMEs can underestimate the threat of cyber attacks and often don’t believe they’re at risk


UK firms breached last year


Budget spent on detect & respond services


Insufficient cyber security personnel

> Account Management

Every client is assigned a security consultant to review and advise on ongoing threats and day to day security related business. The day to day security alerts and monitoring is carefully monitored by our network operates centre in great detail so we are aware of events and threats as they unfold. Daily reports are generated for review by the account manager for review and is used to design an ongoing cyber security plan to keep you one step ahead.

> Reducing Security Costs

We can reduce costs not by reducing the protection but using your capital more wisely on solutions that are going to offer the most protection for the outlay. You don’t require a huge budget for cyber security you just need to invest and spend wisely in order to get the biggest return and our experience and range of global partners allow us to best advise on those areas.

> Seamless Intergration

Wizard can integrate into your existing setup with very little user impact and begin protecting you almost immediately. We can work with your IT support team or provider that may not have the in house technically resource and expertise required to keep you secure. We work with clients where we support their IT, Network, Cloud solutions and cyber security and we also work with other IT providers and in house support to provide just the cyber security defence.

Getting Started is Easy


Delivered as a service, you’ll love the budget-friendly billing and our team of solution engineers that will get you up and running quickly and painlessly.


Wizard offer an entire range of Cyber Security services ranging from Consultancy, Internal and External Assessments, Penetration Testing as well as specific Cyber security offerings such as Next Generation Firewalls, Next Generation Endpoint, Security Internet Gateways and more.

Contact us for the full range of services or to discuss your specific requirements.

Cyber Security consultancy services are delivered by our in house team of experienced consultants.

Our services are tailored for all organisations of all sizes in any industry or location. To measure your security exposure, to overseeing the design of a robust and secure systems, our expert Consulting services will help you identify the correct course of action, safeguarding critical assets and ensuring complete compliance. Our consultants are based in Essex and London but we can travel anywhere in the UK or complete a consultation via Video link.

We live in the real world and because we focus on the SME market we understand that you don’t want to spend a large majority of your budget on having us writing reports, so instead we take a more proactive approach and happy to discuss and asses your network for free in most cases and can provide tailored solutions to help keep your business safe.


Discover the strength of your cyber security defenses

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) from Wizard Cyber is far more comprehensive than a simple, one-time penetration test. Our VAs are carried out over an extended period of time, yielding a more complete picture of network activity. With our core Network Interceptor service in an inspection-only mode, our VAs aren’t limited to detecting known threats. With the benefit of full forensic traffic capture, we use behavior-based anomaly detection to identify suspicious behaviors that may occur in your network today and report our findings across several critical dimensions. Network usage and traffic analysis also provides our customers with new insights.

The very start of your cyber defense

Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats.

Our Managed Next Generation Firewall service is designed to help you reduce the time, cost and resources required to monitor and maintain firewall infrastructure day to day.

It’s no longer enough to leave your security to manage itself.


The invisible shield to your wireless

From blocking unauthorised devices and intrusion attempts, to stopping the propagation of advanced malware, complete control over your wireless networks is critical to your security. Our service optimizes your wireless infrastructure, implements unbeatable protection and ensures expert management around-the-clock.

Wireless is now heavily utilized and plays a vital role in any network but it needs to be deployed and monitored to ensure its being used correctly by those who should be.

Identify potential threats and respond to them swiftly 

 Intrusion Prevention Systems are key components to safeguarding your business from today’s most sophisticated threats and attacks. Wizard’s dedicated 24×7 managed security service guarantees the instant response required by high-performing IPS demands without it becoming a drain for your time and resources. Wizard Cyber’s managed security service for IPS delivers the best of both worlds by enhancing security and protecting critical assets all the time while reducing costs.


Really understand and go through a simulated attack to show the process and path of a cyber criminal.

Penetration testing is the next step up from vulnerability scanning because you actively try and comprise and gain control of the target systems. Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing go hand in hand because you must first highlight vulnerabilities before you can start actively trying to find a way through. Penetration testing offers a much more comprehensive and detailed view of the threats and can be completed in a day or spread over the course of weeks.

Simulate phishing attacks to highlight routes into the network and staff effectiveness at handling and reporting an event.

The end user could be the ultimate deciding factor on whether a cyber criminal gains access or not and how they react, respond and report these events are very important. Employee education is vital to the defense against phishing and malware and performing a simulated phishing attack will highlight how efficient you are at dealing with these types of attacks. Many of the recent successful cyber-attacks which have crippled organisations, caused severe financial loss and damage to reputation – have been as a result of phishing.


To find out how Wizard Cyber can help you, enter your details in the form and we’ll get in touch.